Bear Archery Bows

The Species is a high-performance single cam system that shoots 320 feet per second. This bow is simple to setup and easy to shoot featuring highly-adjustable peak draw weight ranges from 55-70 lbs. or 45-60 lbs.

bear species bow.png

$ 399.99

Meet the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 – The maximum-versatility of this bow is engineered for all ages and skill levels. The bow is adjustable from 12" to 30" in draw length range and 5 to 70 lbs. peak draw weight. The bow comes ready to hunt equipped with six Trophy Ridge accessories. The Cruzer G2 is the total package with incredible adjustability for the whole family.

bear cruzer g2.png

$ 399.99

The Royale is an incredibly lightweight bow that is the perfect introductory compound bow for any young archer that will last for years to come. The draw weight starts at an easy to pull 5 lbs. and can be adjusted up to a serious 50 lbs. right alongside your young hunter. The draw weight can be easily adjusted from 12” to 27”.  The Royale comes fully equipped and ready to hunt while being lightweight and easy to carry.

bear royale bow.png

$ 299.99

Designed with the whitetail bowhunter in mind, the Divergent offers amazing performance in a short 28" axle-to-axle bow without breaking your wallet. With speeds of 338 feet per second, the Divergent's compact platform and hybrid cams give shootability a whole new meaning.

bear divergent bow.png

$ 699.99

You’ll never look at Bear Archery the same way again. We introduce the first bow of its kind, a shoot-through engineered with all the performance of a shoot-through in a small hunting bow package. This limited edition bow weighs only 4.3 lbs. and shoots 350 feet per second.

bear perception bow.png

$ 1499.99